"When Cheryl first came to my home,

was embarrassed to show her my

walk in; one could barely walk in.

However, she made me very

comfortable!! The beginning of

organizing my closet began. The

whole process was amazing! My

closet was transformed, with some

creative changes, into neatness!!! The

next day, when I walked into my closet,

I cried (literally). It reminded me that

once upon a time, I use to be organized,

but with changes in my life, I let go of

certain things, such as being orderly. I

am thrilled to have that part back, and

now I have the tools to stayed organized,

thanks to Cheryl!!!!" - Felice























"Cheryl was a tremendous help in organizing my

small apartment in Brooklyn! With her assistance,

I was able to de-clutter and fit 7 large boxes of

belongings into my 10 x 14 foot room, while

keeping the space open and functional. She is a

good listener and gets creative with solutions,

especially when working within a budget. My 

home wouldn't be the same without her!" - Raegan 







"I had a closet that needed to be organized. I called Cheryl. She came over, went through my closet, and started to organize

it. I was very impressed with how fast she worked, and how she found a spot for everything. I even had space left over! I have to admit, I would never even have thought of any of her ideas. Cheryl also gave me some great advice for my holiday decorations. After watching her the first time, I was able to do this closet all on my own!" -Theresa



"Cheryl was a tremendous help with my home filing system. I was at great loss, and consequently I could not find anything. She helped me clear out all the papers and created new files that made sense and were easy to find. I had a lot of stuff to

go through. What I really liked is that she put small amounts in bags for me to go through one bag at a time. I found

that wading through papers as I watched TV was much better than an overwhelming, huge pile glaring at me for

attention!" - Deborah



"When I had to consolidate two households into one, I was lucky enough to have Cheryl Allsbrook’s guidance and support.  This was a very emotional time for me as I had to part with things that I had accumulated over the years which were unnaturally sentimental.  She was not only empathetic, she was also firmly gentle during our discussions and let me have my “moments” when I needed them.  With Cheryl’s help, I was able to sort through everything, and at the end, feel good about what I kept, what I donated, and what I threw away.  Although it was difficult for me, I was very impressed with Cheryl’s objective point of view as well as her organizational process, and look forward to engaging her again and again.  Thank you, Cheryl!" - Andrea

"I just wanted to take a moment and thank you - I've been felling so much better, so 'destressed' with my organized functional office. I feel better about achieving more in there when I've been home!"  - Jason

I've always considered myself pretty organized, but I was stuck in a rut with my kitchen and couldn't figure out how to make it work better for the whole family.  We moved in when my kids were young, but now that they are older, I needed a mini "command station" for papers, homework, etc. and I wanted the kids to be able to reach items so that they can be more helpful in the kitchen.  Cheryl completely understood what I was looking for and reorganized our kitchen to meet all these needs!  Now, not only are my cooking supplies and servingware better organized, we also have a place for unloading backpacks, lunch boxes and homework and the kids can now set the table and help cook!

Thank you Cheryl!





















































































I found when we sold my 

childhood home I was not ready

to depart with some of my parents'

furniture. Because I had my own

dresser that I loved, I decided to

turn this dresser into an

entertainment center... with plenty

of drawers for storage.














Clutter to Creative!

Messy to Manageable!

Repurposing Furniture!

Simple and Satisfying


Closet Redo!

Small Apartment 

Child Command Center


Each child in the family has her own center for dropping off and/or heading out the door. Use this area for backpacks, calendars, important information, etc. Put everything here for the next day...Grab and go!

The mess of a move in...
and the happy ending.

Cheryl was amazing! So professional, punctual, kind, and utterly helpful. She facilitated my sudden move from beginning to end: weeding out items before the move and organizing the home I was leaving, and then truly saving me from the particular stress of organizing all the little things we collect in our lives. While I placed furniture in a frenzy and dealt with workmen, Cheryl quietly created the most beautifully organized kitchen, bathrooms, and closets. She did such an incredible job that we are actually managing to keep the house in order. Mostly... I couldn't be happier or say enough good things about MonkeyDoOrganizing and Cheryl. Thank you Cheryl!!  We will never move without you again!  - Neysa

PLAYFULLY Organized...

Ready for a QUICK EXIT!

Cheryl feels like a miracle worker! I have worked with her a number of times and she has helped me organize multiple parts of my home (entryway, closets, garage, great room). The process of working with Cheryl is a pleasure. Prior to each of our work sessions I feel overwhelmed by the task ahead as well as embarrassed at the mess she will see. Yet as soon as she arrives, Cheryl makes me feel completely at ease. In fact, her calm, steady demeanor makes the whole experience quite fun.  The outcome of each area we've tackled has been better than I even hoped. Not only did Cheryl help me sort and organize everything, but she created systems to manage each part of my home. The best part is that these systems make so much sense, and work so well with my life (and that of my busy family), that maintaining the work we've done has been a breeze. Each time Cheryl and I finish our work I feel so thrilled with the changes we've accomplished and so grateful to have her as a resource.  I look forward to tackling the next project with her guidance. If you're considering hiring an organizer, call Cheryl. You won't regret it. She can change your life too! -Emily

Pretty in PINK!

Monkey See Monkey Do Organizing simplified my life while making it look great! They helped me move into my new home and brought creative new ideas to store things in my small kitchen with unique storage options that where visually pleasing and made things easy to find! They also had great solutions to bathroom and closet storage. The way Cheryl helped me organized it was like she had known me my whole life! -Katherine