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Holiday Organization...7 Tidings of Joy!

Does the thought of the holidays send you into a tizzy? Here are some of my favorite ideas for holiday fun and organization. Out with the stress…in with the calm!


Out of town guests? Get some extra travel size toiletries for the room in case they forgot something. Not everyone will be as organized as you!

Get festive: Create a hand-washing station and change it for the season.

Ahhh…the smell of holidays! Create your own holiday scent with Potpourri in a pan. Such a lovely and inviting way to enter a home.


Would you like your guests to have a special place at the table? Take a look at these creative ways to assign place settings.

Here is a nice way to start or end the meal. Take a turn holding the “thankful” pumpkin and share what you are thankful for, then pass it on to who you would like to share next.


Especially at Thanksgiving there are so many dishes to cook. Space and organization are important parts to your success. Instead of using your precious counter space, tape recipes to your cabinets for easy reading.

Chop, chop, chop! So much to prepare and all that chopping takes time. Do some ahead of time, and when it is time to cook all you have to do is open and dump!

No doubt there will be leftovers. Make sure you have some containers on hand. I love these two. Fill with yummies, write the contents, and they are ready to go!


Homemade from the heart! Give your favorite kitchen container filled with holiday treats. Eat the goodies, keep the container…the gift that keeps on giving! Or stuff those treats in an oven mitt, or wrapped in a kitchen towel!

Eight days of Hanukkah can be hard to keep track of. Wrap the presents ahead of time and use a sticky note to determine which present goes with which day. Or, color code the wrapping paper by family member.

I love this one! Create a gift card tree. Add various gift cards as ornaments to the tree. Good one for teachers. Each child brings a gift card to add to the tree.

Adorn the tree with special meaning. How about a tradition of buying your child a tree ornament each year that says something about their year. When they are adults they will have all these ornaments to add to their own first tree.

Music is in the air! Make a playlist of your favorite music. This can be an inexpensive but fun gift of you!

All those gifts and who are they going to? Make your own gift tags and personalize them the way you want!

Keep track of gift giving. Write your gift list on the outside of an envelope. Check off and add the receipts as you go.


Keep the wrapping under wraps. Put all your wrapping items in a portable bag or basket with handles. Pick it up, find your spot, and wrap away!

Taming the ribbon. Use this clever hack to keep all that ribbon nice and neat and tangle free.

Tree ornaments often have special meaning and memories. Keep those little ones safe, tucked inside an egg carton.

Speaking of tangle free, use ziplock bags to organize your lights and label them by area.

Now for the rest of the decorations... for easy identification, use color coded bins.

Is your mind a clutter? Do you often forget where you set up your holiday displays? This year take a photo of the display once it is set up. When dismantling, put all those decorations together in one bin and add the photo. Next year will be a breeze!


Hunukkah tape resist. Tape your desired shape on paper. Let the kiddos finger paint and then remove the tape…ta da!

Reindeer prints: use the feet (minus the toes) for the body and hands for the antlers.

Yummies for the tummies…get festive with your food!

Thanksgiving is a lot about being together and chatting. Sometimes the kids need a little more. Make your guests an individual a box of goodies to keep them entertained.


Unplug from technology, be present, AND be grateful for your efforts. Cherish your time with family and friends.

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