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Paperwork... creating a home system that works!

If paperwork drives you crazy, then read on because we are going to tackle paper organization!

There are 4 main ways to organize your paperwork.

1. ACTION FILE: for those things needing to be handled on a daily/weekly basis. Put it in a convenient place.

Here are some different options.

A general file: To Do, To Pay, To Read, To File. Any paperwork coming into the house should be filed here until it is time to take care of it.

Separate files for each family member with files specifically important to them. You can even choose their favorite color for color coding.

2. FILING SYSTEM: This is paperwork usually kept in a file cabinet that only needs to be accessed periodically. Take a look at the examples and choose what feels best for you.

Color Coded: Each category has its own color file and/or each family member has his/her own category.

Alphabetical: MAIN categories to the left and SUB-categories in the middle. One option is to use different color tabs/files to separate the main categories from the sub-categories.

Separate personal files with one color

file and business files with another color

to be easily recognizable.

3. VITAL RECORDS: This file will hold all your IMPORTANT, hard to replace paperwork. Paperwork in this might include birth/marriage certificates, passports, deeds, wills, etc. One of my favorites...

or…a portable, fireproof one that you can grab and go.

4. MAIL: Have a “home” to put all incoming mail until you can attend to it. You might want to have separate trays for each family member. From this tray open your mail and file things accordingly to your Action File. Trash junk mail as soon as you get it. Take a look here on how to eliminate unwanted mail.

As always...if you do not have the time, stamina or desire to do it on your own...give us a call and we will get down to business!

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